Pre/post processing training

First go to the FES2012 directory:

cd ~/monday/FES2012

Define GENESIS environment variable:

export GENESIS=~/softs/xscan

Then edit FES2012.startup:

kate FES2012.startup&

Invoking xscan:

$GENESIS/bin/xscan -s <<startup filename>>


$GENESIS/bin/xscan -s FES2012.startup
Standard visualisation under xscan (sirocco-genesis)
  1. Startup files
  2. bathymetry: plotting and editing
  3. shorelines
  4. model outputs
    1. 2D (layers) display
    2. 3D (sections and profiles) display
  5. controlling plot paramaters and printing
  6. GIS: using geo-referenced images
Unstructured mesh generation and editing
  1. exercise I : automatic mesh generation with ztugo
  2. mesh refinement
    1. doubling resolution
    2. more subtle refinement
  3. element edition
    1. vertices edition
    2. connection edition
  4. boundary code construction
  5. plotting unstructured fields

Examples of Unstructured files:

 To see some example of files that xscan can read:

ASCII format

NetCDF format