Documentation and manuals for users and developers are slowly building. We are progressively feeding a WIKI site (TRAC), unfortunately not available at the moment for non-LEGOS users (external WIKI server should be implemented at LEGOS next fall). WIKI site can be found at : http://srv-ecola:8080/TRAC-TUGO/wiki .

Meanwhile some older documents are available:

Developers documentations (PDF)

Table of contents

Input parameters handling

Model simulation parameters are controlled through a unique input file. It contains keyword-controlled sections and parameters that can be edited directly or accessed through a GTK-based GUI that takes cares of backward compatibility (i.e. old input files will be understood by newer model version). Using the GUI allows for guarantying up-to-date input file.


Input file can be exhaustive (all parameters written, even those set to the T-UGOm default setting) or partial (parameters set to the T-UGOm default setting skipped).

Delta input files can be used in combination with a main input file (useful for parameters exploration runs). Parameters given in delta file will overwrite those found in the main input file.

User manual

General settings

  • 2D (external) time step

The simulation time step must be tuned to fit dynamical equations stability constraints. Following the chosen continuity solver and the simulation dynamics, it is limited by the gravity wave and/or advection CFLs. Using GWE or WE solvers allows for relaxing the CFL limit by a factor ~2.

Sub-cycling can be used to locally satisfy stronger limitations.

  • discretisation
  • continuity equation solver
    • general wave equation (GWE)

semi-implicit, the historical (mog2D) solver

  • wave equation, also named pressure correction (WE)

semi-implicit, inspired from Casulli-Walter pressure correction scheme

  • explicit continuity equation
  • dissipation
    • bottom friction
    • internal wave drag
  • horizontal diffusion
    • mesh size controlled diffusion
    • Smagorinsky
    • smoothers

Runtime settings

  • OpenMP
  • instability tracking

Optional settings

  • energy diagnostics
  • stream functions
  • tracers
  • drifters

IO settings

  • inputs
    • simulation parameters files
    • continuation files
    • mesh
    • bathymetry
    • boundary codes
    • local model parameters
  • outputs
    • output directory
    • continuation files
    • unstructured outputs
    • structured outputs

Configuring tidal simulation

  • boundary conditions
  • loading/self-attraction forcing files
  • harmonic analysis

Configuring storm surges simulation

  • boundary conditions
  • meteorological forcing

File format


  • grd (GMT) NetCDF format
  • standard NetCDF format

unstructured grid

  • neighbour (*.nei)
  • GMSH
  • Telemac ASCII
  • Telemac BINARY

unstructured data

  • WW3 NetCDF

structured data

  • WRF NetCDF
  • WW3 NetCDF