Test cases

SYMPHONIE model provides several test cases that have been jointly developped within the COMODO comunity. These test cases are intended to demonstrate the ability of the SYMPHONIE code to reaslitically simulate different physical processes in oceanography. They also provide an easy first step for new users to start handling the tool.

  • Baroclinic Vortex

    The test case of baroclinic vortex was initially proposed by Spall and Holland (1991). It was later described in more detail by Penven et al. (2006) . This test intends to follow the evolution of a  geostrophicaly balanced baroclinic vortex in an idealized ocean on a beta plane centered on 38.5 degrees north latitude. The vortex is constituted by a hot temperature anomaly dynamically equilibrium with a free surface and 3D velocity. Thus defined, the vortex evolves freelly in the simulation …

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  • Lock Exchange

    This test case is described in a closed area, with two layers of fluid at rest, with different densities, separated by a vertical wall. At the initial moment, thewall is removed and the system evolves under the action of gravity only. It does not consider any Coriolis force, friction at the bottom or mixing processes ….

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