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Linux little helper for Symphonie Users


General description of the SYMPHONIE model:

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Wave-induced current and turbulence

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Non Hydrostatic Pressure:

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Accuracy of the pressure gradient force (PGF) in terrain following coordinate:

Marsaleix P., Auclair F., Estournel C., 2009. Low-order pressure gradient schemes in sigma coordinate models: The seamount test revisited. Ocean Modelling, 30, 169-177.

Implementation in the PGF of the compressibility terms of the equation of state:

Marsaleix P., Auclair F., Estournel C., Nguyen C., Ulses C., 2011. An accurate implementation of the compressibility terms in the equation of state in a low order pressure gradient scheme for sigma coordinate ocean models. Ocean Modelling, 40, 1-13

Time stepping :

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Open Boundary Conditions (OBC):

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Air Sea Fluxes:

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Tides potential:

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