3D simulations

We provide users with a wide choice of services:

  • Help to use our models by following our group training (individually too on demands please contact us)
  • Make simulations on demands, and/or providing fields (current, temperature, salinity, tracers/biology dispersion, etc…)

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Example of products we made in the past:

Modeling the consequences of the Fukushima accident on the marine environment

From the first days after the Fukushima disaster, the group has invested in modeling the dispersion of radioactive elements discharged directly into the sea at the plant and also deposited on the surface of the ocean (dry and wet deposition) . The determination of the source term, ie the amount of cesium-137 released into the sea at the plant was also one of our goals. This phase resulted in two articles (Masumoto et al., 2012 Estournel et al., 2012).
A second phase started in collaboration with the IRSN on the effects of discharges to the marine environment. It is the subject of a thesis funded by IRSN. This thesis implements the coupling of the hydrodynamic model with a model of plankton production and ultimately a model of higher trophic levels and finally a radio-ecological model.


Claude Estournel

 People involved:

Claude Estournel, Patrick Marsaleix
Mokrane Belharet (ongoing thesis co-directed by Sabine Charmasson IRSN)

National collaborations: IRSN CEREA

International collaborations: IAEA, JAMSTEC, JAEA