About us

What is SIROCCO?

The mission of the SIROCCO service ( SImulation Réaliste de l’OCéan COtier, Code Communautaire INSU) consists not only in providing high-performance, innovative and complete hydrodynamic codes for the study of coastal, estuarine and lagoon regions (T-UGOm tidal model, SYMPHONIE circulation model), but also in developing numerical tools and software suites (S-DAP assimilation tools, SpEnOI, tools for analysis, visualization, construction of new configurations, validation and evaluation of observation networks) and to propose products (FES tidal atlases, forecasts for support to offshore operations, 3D simulations) that meet the needs of modelers (all codes combined) and experimenters. To serve these objectives, SIROCCO is engaged in an interactive service activity, allowing the transfer of numerical tools, products and expertise, but also to emerge and satisfy the needs of new developments of general interest. SIROCCO’s codes, tools and products have been used in more than 40 teams of national and international research and operational institutes during the period 2015-2019. Thanks to its interaction with the national community, SIROCCO also participates strongly in the circulation of information and scientific innovation and brings teams closer together around new technical and scientific actions. SIROCCO has been heavily involved in the development of modelling teams in Cameroon, Benin and Vietnam in recent years as part of several IRD projects (JEAI RELIFORME, JEAI SAFUME, LMI LOTUS).