What is SIROCCO?

The POC has developed a complete system composed of different modules for physical coastal modeling . This system is widely used in the research community as well as for studies of processes for the simulation of real cases and also in a multidisciplinary context. This system called SIROCCO was certified in 2007 by the INSU as Community Model .
SIROCCO is based on four modules:

These modules are developed by researchers at the POC who continue the evolution and regularly offer new versions, tested extensively, to users. These versions are currently available on the website (the requesting form can be found here).
Each of these four modules can be used independently of the other 3 (eg the assimilation platform fits all models) but all can provide a unique tool for coastal modeling taking into account a wide range of frequency interactions with the general circulation and the assimilation of satellite and in-situ observations. The MFS program has a demonstration of the system and the distribution of modules in different groups of the consortium and now beyond.
The SIROCCO service is certified, we are indebted for a service task associated with that goal: better organization of code management and simulations, user support, training new users through the organization of meetings scientists, the establishment of new configurations that meet scientific requirements, assistance to coupling with external modules.