Ocean Models


T-UGOm is a 2D/3D ocean dynamics numerical model based on unstructured meshes. Its main distinctive features are: multi-discretisation capabilities (mostly LGP0, LGP1, NCP1, LGP2, continuous and discontinuous) Finite volume and finite elements schemes explicit/semi-implicit tunable Time step dynamical local sub-cycling embedded 2D/3D spectral solver for tides It is developed in C/C++, and provides(domain partion) MPI […]


SYMPHONIE is an ocean model developed by the SIROCCO system group (CNRS & Toulouse University). Model description: The 3-D ocean circulation model SYMPHONIE (Marsaleix et al., 2008, 2019) is based on the Navier-Stokes primitive equations solved on an Arakawa curvilinear C-grid under the hydrostatic and Boussinesq approximations. The model makes use of an energy conserving […]