Baroclinic Vortex

The test case of baroclinic vortex was initially proposed by Spall and Holland (1991). It was later described in more detail by Penven et al.  (2006) . This test intends to follow the evolution of a  geostrophicaly balanced baroclinic vortex in an idealized ocean on a beta plane centered on 38.5 degrees latitude north. The vortex is constituted by a hot temperature anomaly dynamically equilibrium with a free surface and 3D velocity. Thus defined, the vortex evoles freelly in the simulationover a period of 100 days.

The area is a 1800km side square box over a 5000m depth. The grid is composed of 180×180 pts on the horizontal (for a 10x10km mesh) and 10 layers on the vertical.

The initial free surface is:

and the temperature filed is:

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Usefull files to rerun the Baroclinic Vortex test case:


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