Tutorial SpEnOI

Data assimilation run mode

running a twin experiment

To test the data assimilation configuration performance, you can run a twin experiment.

running a realistic experiment

Monochromatic and polychromatic modes feature the data assimilation code.

Data assimilation configuration

using the Ensemble mean as prior model solution

Either your preferred run or the Ensemble mean can be set as prior model solution… (more)

decreasing model correlation

Model correlation in the observations subspace can be optionally reduced using a large collection of decorrelation functions… ( more)

Data assimilation diagnostics

optional diagnostics

Optional data assimilation diagnostics (penalty function norm, observations subspace variances, ensemble centering, …) can be performed online during the data assimilation run… ( more)

internal checks

Data assimilation internal consistency checks can be processed online during the data assimilation run… ( more)

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